Why Houseflies Are Scarier Than You Think

Housefly MacroWith their hairy bodies, large compound eyes, dangling legs, and transparent wings, houseflies are instantly recognizable almost everywhere in the world. These nuisance pests do not bite or destroy homes, so they are typically not thought of as a pest to be feared. This is dangerous rationale, however, as houseflies can carry and spread up to 100 communicable diseases. Here are a few reasons why houseflies are scarier than you may think and how you can benefit from pest control in Miami.

Disease-Spreading Eating Habits

Houseflies feed on feces, rotten food, decaying organic matter, and human food with equal zest-picking up particles of each of these things on their bodies as they go. Houseflies can only consume food in liquid form, so solid food must be broken down into a form that the flies can ingest. To break down solid food, houseflies release a mixture of digestive juices and saliva onto the food, then wait for the food to break down and consume the whole mixture. When a housefly lands on something before a human or animal ingests it, the human or animal ingests any viruses, bacteria, parasites, or particles that the fly may have dropped from its saliva or body onto the food.

Some diseases that houseflies can carry and spread include:

  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Tuberculosis
  • Anthrax
  • coli
  • Viral hepatitis

Rapid Reproduction Cycles

The more houseflies present in the home, the greater the likelihood that the flies will contaminate food. Unfortunately, houseflies reproduce at staggering rates. A female housefly can lay approximately 500 eggs over three to four days. The eggs are typically laid in trash cans or close to other food sources, where they hatch within 24 hours and become maggots. Within about 7 to 10 days, maggots become adult flies and can begin the cycle over-causing fast infestation if not treated.

Immune to Treatment Methods

Research has shown that houseflies can be immune to certain pesticides and DIY methods of pest management. While managing houseflies with sticky flypaper may be helpful for catching a few flies, this method is generally ineffective for managing heavier infestations. Contacting a professional pest control in Miami company is generally advisable for getting rid of housefly infestations and preventing future problems. Pest control professionals can help you to identify places where flies may be entering the home and seal these entry points. Professionals for pest control in Miami can also provide tips for keeping flies away from the home and apply treatments that are effective for eliminating flies but safe for humans and pets.

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