What’s Bugging You This Spring? Florida Pest Control Tips for April through July

In Florida, spring means warmer weather, plant rebirth and afternoon thundershowers. It’s also the time when pests awake from their winter slumber and invade any property they can find.

Increased ant, mosquito, bee, roach and wasp activity is often a result of explosive plant growth, a condition that allows creatures to build homes and grow their populations.

In the Greater Miami and Palm Beach area, preventing infestations requires pest control service over the parts of your property that pests love to call home.

helpful pest control tips

Controlling Plant Growth

If you think of tree branches, shrubs and other outgrowths of plant life as the roads of the animal and insect world, you’ll realize why it’s so important to keep these things from touching the exterior of your property.

Squirrels can use branches to infiltrate holes in your attic, fire ants can use limbs as a bridge to your patio and overgrown shrubs can provide the perfect home for mosquitoes right next to imperfectly sealed doors or windows.

By creating a line of defense around your property, you can prevent many different kinds of infestations. Florida pest control service experts can help you pinpoint specific hazards before they become a problem.

Living Clutter-Free

Bugs don’t really know the difference between natural plant life and ordinary junk that comes with property ownership. A simple pile of moist wood or mulch can be the perfect home for termites or carpenter ants.

Bees and other flying insects have been known to construct hives in many different types of hollow spaces, so tires, old boxes and any other structures may look like appealing locations for scouting bees.

Spending a few minutes to clear this kind of debris can save a lot of future hassle. You can make spring cleaning an interior and exterior project for yourself or hired help.

Maintaining Your Lawn

As a responsible commercial property owner in Broward County or homeowner in Miami, you likely already pay for lawn maintenance services to keep your grass cut to the right level.

It’s during springtime when keeping your lawn cut short can be most important, as ants, ticks, fleas and even snakes can be a serious threat to small children and pets.

You can ensure your lawn isn’t home to harmful critters by hiring a professional Florida pest control service to conduct routine inspections. Unfortunately, over-the-counter pest control products are rarely effective.

Checking Your Gutters

It’s easy to ignore the condition of your gutters, but not dealing with debris buildup as it happens can create paradise conditions for all sorts of pests. Roaches, ants and mosquitoes all thrive in gutters where damp leaves sit for days and months at a time.

Pests who live in gutters often have easy to access to the interior of properties where they reside. Early spring, when temperatures are still relatively cool and afternoon thunderstorms are yet to be a daily occurrence, is a great time of year to get those gutters clean.

Whether you’re conducting a routine sweep of your property for bugs or have a renter who’s dealing with a specific problem, a great way to deal with any bug problem during the spring is to call a professional Florida pest control service at Guarantee. We’ve been delivering quality pest control service to South Florida since 1946.

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