What You Need to Know About Rodents

Pest control from Guarantee Pest can come in many forms depending on what pest you might be dealing with. Beyond the issue of exterminating cockroaches and other bugs, there’s the concern of how to get rid of rats. This is not a situation you want to ever be faced with, but it’s one that is all too common in the winter. Before deciding on a course of action, it will help to understand what exactly you’re up against. Here’s what you need to know about rodents:

Rodents Are Fast Breeders

The first thing you need to know in regard to how to get rid of rats is that they are fast breeders. A single female mouse can have fifteen litters every twelve months and each of those litters can create up to twelve mice. That means that left unchecked for even two months you could have twenty-four mice scurrying around your home. That’s a lot of mice to deal with!

how to get rid of rats

Mousetraps Can Do the Trick

The most common answer to the question of “How to get rid of rats?” is traps. These devices have been proven to work and aren’t that costly. The trick is making sure you give them the right bait. A piece of cheese will certainly pull them in, but they can easily snatch it before the trap springs. That’s why peanut butter is a better bait option. It takes more effort to eat it!

There are also glue traps and humane traps that can snag the rodents. With all of these options, you’ll still be in charge of the disposal. If you’re not up to the task, then you’ll want to hire professional exterminators at Guarantee Pest to get rid of the pests that plague your home.

Rodents Can Squeeze into Tiny Holes

You don’t need a big gap in your home exterior for a mouse or rat to slip into. They can squeeze into the tiniest of holes and cracks, even in cracks as small as a dime! Once they find that entry point, they might even gnaw through it to open it up for more rodents to flow into. This is why any type of hole should be closed up as soon as it’s spotted.

The Difference Between a Rat and a Mouse

Although they are both a problem to deal with, there’s a difference between rats and mice. The typical mouse will grow to be up to twenty cm long and can weigh around thirty grams. The average mouse kept as a pet can live up to six years. They are also nocturnal and somewhat timid.

Rats can grow to be up to forty cm long. They are also nocturnal but not as timid as a mouse. The fur of the rat is longer and that means it can pick up more dirt and grease to be left behind wherever they go.

Call in the Pros

If you’re wondering how to get rid of rats, then you should leave that task to the professionals at Guarantee Floridian Pest Control. In the many years we’ve been in operation, our experienced exterminators have removed literally thousands of rodents from homes and businesses all around Florida. We know the signs to look for that would indicate a possible rat infestation versus just a minor rodent problem.

To find out how Guarantee Floridian Pest Control can help with your situation, contact us to set up a free inspection. You don’t want to let your rodent problems get out of hand!

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