What NOT to Do For DIY Pest Control Projects

At the first sign of bug trouble, you are right to want to dive in and wipe out the infestation. Along with many other projects you manage around your home, you probably think that do it yourself pest control in Tampa is something that’s easy to figure out. However, there are a few areas of concern you should be focused on in order to avoid common DIY pest control mistakes and exterminate pests right the first time.

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Mistake #1: You Didn’t Do Your Homework

See a bug. Kill the bug. It seems simple. On some level, it is, but before you bust out the sprays, you might want to do your homework. It’s vital that you understand exactly what you’re dealing with in terms of the pest. For instance, just because something is crawling across your kitchen floor doesn’t mean that’s where it lives. Your research should also reveal the kind of bug you’re dealing with, what is eats, and its habits with laying eggs. Bottom line, before your take on the DIY pest control, think about checking out Pest Services in Palm Beach with a professional exterminator at Guarantee Pest.

Mistake #2: Not Attacking the Cause

Suppose you have a problem with cockroaches. A perfect DIY solution would be to set up a trap in the hopes those bugs will “check in but not check out.”  That might work in the short run, but if the cause of the initial bug attack was constant crumbs along the floorboard plus an entry point that isn’t sealed, then there’s a good chance those bugs will be back. Most Pest Services in Palm Beach will tell you that the best prevention for bugs is to cut off their food supply.

The issue then becomes: do you want to keep doing your DIY fixes without getting lasting results or really attacking the cause?

Mistake #3: Using Untested Treatments

Everybody has a bug solution. Ask around and you’re sure to get all kinds of wacky solutions for your problem. That could involve things like rubbing certain fruit skins around doorways or burning particular candles. Sure, the person giving you that DIY advice will swear by it. However, your infestation could be something totally different.

Look at it another way. When you purchase a pesticide or hire Pest Services in Palm Beach, you’re dealing with something that has been tested thoroughly. Even the organic products used by professional companies will have been completely vetted. Do you trust a neighbor more than a bug expert?

Mistake #4: Not Following Directions

Even if you bring in a pesticide-like product, they are rarely just “spray and go.” You need to read the instructions carefully. This has more to do with the potential harm you could cause to pets and other members of your household as opposed to the bugs. Those label instructions aren’t just suggestions, they are the law governed by strict regulations. Just because you might have used something like that in the past, doesn’t mean you’re using the same thing today. Read the label twice just to be sure.

Mistake #5: Not Asking Questions

Although there’s a huge amount of resource materials available online, nothing beats having a conversations with a professional. What’s the worst that can happen? They might answer all your questions?

A company like Guarantee Pest is standing by to offer a free inspection. Contact us today to get all your bug questions answered and to get more information on how to exterminate right the first time to get rid of your pest problems for good.

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