Three Pests You Should Expect to Find This Season

Plenty of folks head south for the winter which means Miami is going to swell with visitors. Although many hotels, restaurants, and shops will welcome the business, those out of town guests could be bringing along some unwanted visitors. Yes, those folks could be traveling with all kinds of pests that will make their way out of suitcases and into rental properties, hotels, and other places. Of course, there are plenty of homegrown pests that will also be looking for a cozy spot to call home this winter. If you find yourself fighting off an infestation, then it’s time to call in pest control South Miami, Guarantee Pest. Here’s what you might be dealing with:

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Mice and Rats

Usually, the first sign of a mice or rat problem comes from what they leave behind. You might spot their droppings in your kitchen cabinets or under the sink which is the first warning sign you want to look for with rodents. Unfortunately, there’s rarely a case where there’s just a single mouse causing mischief. Usually, that mouse is looking for food for their family, indicating more rodents will be on the way.

This is where pest control South Miami comes into play. We’ll be able to track that mouse back to their nest and eradicate the rodents from their source. Remember, these aren’t the cute movie mice but rodents who could be carrying all kinds of germs and diseases. You’ll want them gone ASAP.


Santa Claus isn’t the only one who enjoys a late night cookie snack. Cockroaches certainly appreciate any kind of crumbs or food scraps. Once they’ve come into your home and found one morsel of food, you can bet they’ll be coming back for more. As with other pests, cockroaches travel in groups. Our certified professionals from pest control South Miami will be able to utilize the most efficient and safe forms of pesticide to deliver a knockout punch to those cockroaches.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t care what season it is. If they find a warm spot in a piece of furniture, they’re going to settle in until they’re kicked out. This is probably the biggest threat that those travelers from up north could bring with them. You might not want to think of your houseguest as a bed bug carrier, but they might not have any control over the situation.

Despite what you might have seen in the news, a bed bug infestation doesn’t automatically mean you have to throw out all your furniture. A pest control South Miami company can recommend a course of action that can wipe out the bed bugs without turning your world upside down.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost

Obviously, you might be asking, how much does pest control cost? The answer depends on how severe your problem might be and whether it requires ongoing service. The best call to action would be to contact us at Guarantee Pest Control. We know the territory and we know the pests!

Contact us to set up your free inspection which could last up to an hour, as our team inspects your home from the rafters to the basement. This is the best approach to uncovering any kind of pest problem. Make that call today, you’ll be glad you did!

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