The Top 3 Pests Plaguing Palm Beach

With all the natural beauty found in the Sunshine State, there are also, unfortunately, several less than desirable pests that can take over your home and property. Sometimes, it’s hard to get rid of these pests, but with the right professional help with pest services in Palm Beach, it can be easier than you think. Here are the top three pests that are plaguing the residents of Palm Beach:

pest services in palm beach

Love Bugs

If you’re one of the many Palm Beach residents with a white car, you’ve likely walked outside in the morning to find it nearly covered with orange and black bugs attached at the hip. Though love bugs don’t exactly bite or sting, they are still quite the nuisance for anyone who parks their car outside and they can even ruin your paint’s finish and cause your car to overheat if they infest under the hood.


Unfortunately, there is no universal cure for love bugs. While there are many products out on the market that are targeted for their removal, many residents claim that using a dryer sheet can get them off your windshield and paint job as effectively as any chemical out there.


Just saying the name out loud will make you want to check under the covers. Unfortunately, the damp, hot climate of Palm Beach is absolutely perfect for these little insects that can hold their breath for nearly an hour, and even go a week without drinking any water. Many cockroaches start to call your residence home when trash isn’t properly sealed, and areas of your home are left vulnerable.


Even one cockroach is considered a pest control problem and should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Instead of just squashing a roach and forgetting about it, only to have its cousins show up later that week, consider calling the experts in at the first sign of trouble to help you recognize where they are coming from and how to keep them out of your home, garage, and even backyard.


Nature’s most innately terrifying creature unfortunately finds its way into far too many homes in Palm Beach. Florida is home to all kinds of spiders from harmless Daddy Longlegs, to the infamous black widow. Residents have been known to find spiders in almost every corner of their home due to easy access points such as garages, decks, and patios.


Though the spider you saw running across your tile floor the other day may not have been a dangerous brown recluse or black widow spider, you should still plan on calling pest services in Palm Beach to keep your family safe from even the tiniest of bites. These services will ensure that your home is kept clear of all eight legged creatures so you can walk barefoot through your home in peace.

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