Sleeping With Bed Bugs: Every Homeowner’s Nightmare

iStock_000012985479_MediumSharing your most intimate of spaces with something that you didn’t invite in is a terrifying prospect for any human. Many homeowners find themselves mortified when they realize they’ve been sleeping with the enemy: bedbugs. However if you do see tiny little bite marks on a member of your family, it’s time to call in the cavalry to get all the unwanted guests out of your home! Find out how you can prevent bed bugs from getting into your home, especially by preventing them when you’re traveling.

Common Misconceptions

Many people think that only dirty people have bed bugs. However, bed bugs are found just as often in immaculately clean and organized homes as they are in dodgy hotel rooms. Many times these tiny insects can infest your homes simply because they traveled to your home after infesting your neighbor’s luggage during their flight to Missouri last month.

Bed bugs are tiny, lay eggs that are as small as a speck of dust, and scatter in small groups quickly throughout living spaces. However, this does not mean that bed bugs are impossible to see. Check mattress seams, wallpaper seams, or along the walls for traces of bed bugs.

What should you do if you have bed bugs?

Clean your home, yes.

Get new sheets, yes.

Get a new mattress, yes.

Try to spray or sanitize the bed bugs away, no.

Many homeowners think that getting rid of bed bugs requires nothing more than giving their sheets a good wash and spraying their bed with the value brand of bed bug spray. In reality, most bed bug infestations, just like any other pest control issue, require professional pest removal to truly rid your home of the creeping creatures.

Pest removal in Sunrise can help give you and your family peace of mind, knowing that not only are the bed bugs out of your home, but that they won’t spread to other areas of your home or neighborhood.

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