Rodents in the House? How to Banish These Unwanted Guests

Do you have mice or rats taking up residence in your home? Do you hear scampering feet in your garage or the walls of your home? Of all the pests you are likely to come across in Palm Beach, living with rodents is the most akin to having an unwelcome house guest. That’s why you need to hire a pest profession to get rid of your pests for you.

Rodents invade your space, eat your food, and make noise at all times of the night, but they also spread diseases such as leptospirosis. This disease is a danger to humans and needs to be avoided at all costs. The removal of these pesky critters is a serious business.

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The old saying is that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and that is as true of pest removal in Palm Beach as it is of anything. Here are a few tips to keep yourself from developing a rodent problem:

#1: Keep your food scraps away.

Rats and mice will nest in places where they have close access to their food sources. If your kitchen has food scraps or crumbs lying around, or if you leave your garbage in open receptacles, you are inviting rodents into your home.

Make sure to keep your food up high instead of on the ground and sweep the floors often. It would also be beneficial to keep your garbage in closed receptacles and change the liner regularly.

#2: Store dry goods in metal or plastic tins.

Grains and cereals are popular lunch options among rodents. Make sure to check your pantry once in a while for possible signs of rodent infestation. Does the box of oats in the back of the pantry look like it has been chewed? Is there evidence that a small creature might have gotten into your food?

To make your food less of a target for rodents and other pests, store your dry goods in metal or plastic tins. This makes it so your food is more difficult to access and will greatly lower the possibility of a rodent infestation.

#3: Don’t store infrequently used items in cardboard boxes.

Whether it is old clothes, the CD and DVD collection, your high school trophies, or the weird collection of snow globes your great aunt left you, it’s important to store these infrequently used items in stronger storage bins rather than cardboard boxes. Invest in some hard case storage containers that will provide better protection. Mice and rats love cardboard because they can chew it up to use when building their nests.

If you already have rodents in your home and the problem just keeps getting worse, call in a pest removal specialist today! As a specialist in pest removal in Palm Beach, Guarantee can help you rid yourself of your unwanted rodent problem and help you get rid of the problem for good. Let our team of professionals rid your house of rats and mice and show you how to keep it pest free for good.

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