No Tent – Alternative


  1. Buildings too tall to use tent fumigation, (generally over 3 stories tall)
  2. Apartment buildings where the number of tenants would make it cost prohibite to ownership and management providing hotel rooms and secuirity 2 days and nights.
  3. Hotels and Resorts, where closing for 2 days or more would result in lost revenues.
  4. Healthcare facilities (i.e.: nursing homes, clinics, hospitals etc.).
  5. Townhouses or any Building attached to another structure that would prohibit the use of fumigants.


  1. New technology allows machines the size of a briefcase to listen to the termites feeding on the wood and other devices allow us to detect the presence and movement of Drywood Termites thru drywall and other surfaces. No longer do we have to rely on fecal droppings (pellets) and kick out holes. In other words we now can look thru walls.
  2. New generation non-repallant termticides are more effective allowing termites to pass thru the treated area without detecting the active ingredient; this allows exposure to more of the colony with the positive result we want.
  3. A dedicated trained staff of technicians that only service these types of accounts as outlined by your account representative.


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A tent termite fumigation is a process that involves covering the house with canvas tarps and then injecting a fumigant inside of the structure. After the fumigant is released the tents will stay on for 12 to 48 hours depending on the specifics of the individual job. Upon removal of the tarps the structure will be aerated for a minimum of six hours and then tested to ensure that is it safe for re-entry by the occupants.

Guarantee Floridian Pest Control is the largest and most experienced tent termite fumigation company in South Florida. Our fumigant of choice is Vikane gas since it was specially designed for the control of drywood termites and has a proven history of effectiveness since it was marketed in 1961. No other fumigant penetrates wood as well as Vikane Gas Fumigant.

Property Managers and Association Presidents will be provided a site log. After the initial treatment is preformed the property Manager will compile a list of areas where termite problems exist. The technician will come out on a pre-arranged date each month to treat new areas and follow up on the previous months treatment to insure these areas treated are under control.

There will always be the need for termite fumigation and Guarantee Floridian is proud to be the # 1 Volume fumigator in South Florida.
This is a proven safe, guaranteed and cost effective treatment to properties where tent fumigation is not a option.

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