Bed Bug Treatment


  1. Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to detect. Proper diagnosis requires highly trained professionals.
  2. Bed bug services are very labor intensive, rely heavily on the careful use of residual pesticides and should only be conducted by highly trained professionals.
  3. Proper service requires that ALL possible harborages are treated. This usually requires the complete cooperation of the customer to access all areas that need to be treated.
  4. One service WILL NOT eliminated bed bugs from your home. A typical bed bug treatment project consists of an intensive initial service followed by a number of follow up visits over a period of several months.
  5. These follow up visits are necessary to ensure a maximum level of control.
  6. In rare cases, total elimination of bed bugs may not be possible through our regular bed bug treatment program. We will work close with the customer to design custom solutions to ensure best possible outcomes.

Bed bugs do not enter homes from the natural outdoors environment; instead they must be introduced into the home from a previously infested environment. This can occur by picking them up during travel, bringing them in on rented or used furniture, introduction by guests or visitors, or others means. Often the exact source of the infestation is unknown. Once in the home bed bugs will seek small, protected areas to hide. Although called bed bugs, they can live in almost any area of the home such as beds, couches, picture frames, night stands, wall voids, under carpeting, or virtually any available small crack or crevice. However, they will most likely try to live very close to where people sleep.

Only highly trained professionals can correctly identify and treat all of these potential harborages. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and therefore usually hide during the day and are most active at night when they leave their harborages to seek a blood meal. Bed bug bites are essentially painless and often go unnoticed while the bugs are feeding. Bed bugs mature quickly, lay hundreds of eggs, and can live almost a year. Therefore, infestations can grow rapidly and persist indefinitely until proper corrective actions are taken. Do not overlook the indispensable need of professional bed bug treatment, improve your home hygiene and let us save you from the little pests.

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