Miami’s Crazy Ant Infestation

“Crazy” ants are an invasive South American species of ant. Also known as tawny crazy ants, Caribbean crazy ants, hairy crazy ants, and Raspberry crazy ants, these pests have made a home in Miami and other areas of South Florida, as well as other regions in the United States. Their invasive nature and highly adaptable habits have allowed them to displace other species of ants like fire ants.

Crazy Ant Infestation

Fortunately, crazy ants don’t sting and have a relatively minor bite. But these ants have proven to be a nuisance to humans through the immense damage they can cause for belongings and buildings. They have the tendency to congregate in commonly used household items like electrical equipment.

As a result, the equipment may experience short circuits, as well as the clogging of switching mechanisms. Ultimately, equipment failure is a common side effect of a crazy ant infestation. Research says that in Texas, crazy ants caused an estimated $146.5 million in electrical equipment over the course of only one year.

Crazy Ant Venom

While crazy ants don’t inflict as much damage on people as they inflict on our belongings, crazy ants are deadly to other ant species, such as fire ants. Crazy ants secrete a type of venom that’s deadly to fire ants. Therefore, a colony of crazy ants can effectively wipe out an entire colony of fire ants with the combination of their opportunistic nesting habits and their venom secretions.

Eliminating Crazy Ants

ant infestationUnfortunately for home and business owners, crazy ants are highly resistant to do-it-yourself pest remedies like over-the-counter pesticides and ant killing products. For the most part, crazy ants don’t fall for the traditional ingredients used in typically ant killers, namely corn grit carriers and oil. In many cases, these products may manage to put a dent in the population.

However, the super-colony will typically redevelop and come back just as strong as it ever was. For this reason, Miami crazy ant infestations are best treated with the help of a qualified pest control specialist like Guarantee Floridian Pest Control. Due to the difficulty in eliminating a crazy ant infestation, even a qualified professional may need to return a few times throughout the year apply additional treatments and ensure that the colony doesn’t redevelop.

If you have a crazy ant infestation, don’t try to eliminate it using traditional do-it-yourself techniques. Call us today to discuss how we can help your home or property to be pest-free.

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