Guarantee Floridian Kids Zone

Play games and download coloring books here. A kid safe way to learn about pest, bugs, and other creepy crawlers from around the world.

Pestworld For Kids

Pest World For is part of the National Pest Management Association’s efforts to educate future consumers about the benefits of professional pest control.

The web site explores pest ecology as the intersection between human-created habitats and animal needs for food and shelter. The site is designed for students and teachers in the elementary and middle school grade. The web site offers information resources, interactive learning games, science fair kits, and lesson plans that support national standards developed by the National Science Teacher Association and the National Council of Teachers of English.

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Archibald’s Adventure

Archibald's AdventureArchibald Ant is a very fussy odorous house ant who must find food for his colony and stay out of harm’s way. Help Archibald complete his mission to locate and plunder the legendary sugar bowl on the far-off kitchen counter. And he needs, help, too, because he would much rather stay outdoors and avoid the unknown dangers indoors.

Play Archibald’s Adventure at

Pest and Bug Coloring Book

Coloring BookAnts, spiders, and everything from A to Z. This downloadable coloring book is a great way for kids to learn all about bugs and their role in nature.

Download the PDF coloring book (2.7MB PDF document)

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