How to Tackle Your Termite Problem

Something could be chewing at your house right now and you wouldn’t even know it. Termites cause billions of dollars’ worth of damages to homes, apartments, and businesses. Their favorite snack is wood, but they have also been known to tear into insulation and even swimming pool liners. Along with taking a bite out of your home, termites can also destroy trees and shrubs in your backyard. Once they start eating, they’re going to be hard to stop unless you bring in a certified pest services in Palm Beach, Guarantee Exterminating.

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Swarm Arrival

Spring is often the time that winged termites will show up in large numbers. These are known as swarmers. Typically, their arrival is sparked by warmer weather. Obviously, here in Florida, that can be a problem throughout the year. It’s when the swarmers hit the dirt and shed their wings that the problems start. This is a sign that they are looking for a mate and are going to begin a new colony. That can spell trouble on many levels.

Signs of Infestation

It’s important to look for the signs of when you might have a termite infestation on your hands. You’ll find most swarms of termites around light sources such as windows or doors. If you see termites around a tree, it’s not time to panic just yet. However, if you spot them coming from the foundation of your home, then there could be an infestation problem and it’s time to call in pest services in Palm Beach.

Another common sign of a termite infestation would be mud tubes that snake along foundation wall or floor joists. These are about the size of pencils and are the conduits by which the termites travel. If you break open these tubes and spot small, creamy termites, then you have an active colony. On the other hand, if the tube appears vacant, that doesn’t automatically mean you’re out of the woods. They could just be diverted elsewhere. You’ll want to bring in professional pest services in Palm Beach at this point to conduct a thorough inspection.

Treating the Problem Yourself

You’ve probably noticed a lot of termite treatments available at your local hardware store. These can be effective up to a certain point, but you might never know if you’re getting rid of all the termites on your property. A professional exterminator will know where to look and where to treat. They can also assess how deep your problem might have gone. At the first sign of trouble, you’ll want to bring in the pros. You’ll be presented with many treatment options depending on the level of your infestation.

Best Resources

One of the best resources to discuss a termite problem is the entomology department of your local college. Believe it or not, they field hundreds of calls each year from homeowners who are dealing with a termite issue. However, those professors and students can only provide information about the life cycle of a termite and can’t show up at your home to eradicate them. If you’re asking, “What is the best exterminator near me?” then you’ll need to find pest services in Palm Beach that are standing by to lend a hand. Contact us at Guarantee Pest to find out more about how you can get rid of the pests that invade your home.

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