How to Locate a Mouse in the House and Why Get it Out Now

Locating a mouse in the house is actually a fairly simple process. Mice, being as voraciously hungry as they are, will generally let you know the moment they arrive, and once they do, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. A mouse in the house may seem cute, but the reality is that they can bring in fleas, ticks and disease, and spoil your food.

mouse in the house

What to Look For

It almost goes without saying, but the first sign that you have a mouse in the house is when you notice droppings. These are generally small, black, pointed oval shapes that will begin to litter places that the mouse visits.

They will most often be found around food, in and around cabinets, on top of kitchen counters and near sinks. Remember, mice need food and water to survive, so that’s the first thing they will be looking for in any household invasion.

Although droppings are a sure giveaway that there is a mouse in the house, they may not always be easy to see, particularly on carpeting, on darker surfaces or if you have a lot of clutter on your counters or in cabinets.

Another telltale sign of a mouse infestation is food bags or boxes that have been gnawed on, with food particles that have spilled out. If boxes of cereal, rice, sugar, candy or sweets, among others, have a tiny hole at the edge or near the bottom that looks as though the edges have been serrated, it’s a sure sign of a mouse.

Of course, once you notice gnawing, look carefully in the area, and you’ll be sure to see mouse droppings. Gnawing and eating go hand in hand with droppings.

Mice are Not Nice

If you find that you have a mouse in the house, the next step is to get rid of it. Sure, mice may look cute and cuddly, especially to the kids if you have any, but they are vermin and can potentially destroy all of your packaged food by spoiling it with liquid and solid waste. Viruses, fevers, salmonella and even the plague have been associated with mouse infestations, so you will want to get it out, now!

What to Do

If there is, literally, only one mouse in the house, or perhaps two, you may have a chance to get rid of them yourself. There are dozens of traps available, from the most common snap traps, to live traps, electric zap traps and even glue board sticky traps. There are even mouse poisons obtainable too, and generally with one feeding, a mouse will succumb.

In many cases, traps are the way to go because you can actually see what you have caught. If there is only a single mouse or a couple of mice that have gotten into your house, once trapped and the signs disappear, you’ll know you got them.

The Old Saying…

Unfortunately, the old saying that goes, “Where there’s one mouse, there’s sure to be more,” is usually true. Mice follow their own footpaths and scent, and they breed fast, so in general, if one mouse has made it into your home, it probably isn’t the only one there.

With that said, in most cases, if you notice a mouse, the best solution is to call a professional exterminator at Guarantee Pest. Not only will they get rid of the problem, but they will also find out where the pests are coming from, so you can take steps to nip your mouse problem in the bud before it starts again.

For more information on how to get rid of the mice that are in your home, visit our website today.

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