Guarantee Pest Warning: What Most Pest Control Companies Won’t Tell You

The task of pest removal is definitely best left to the professionals. Does that mean that every pest removal in Sunrise service is 100% reputable? Not always. There are many things that pest control companies won’t tell you about certain kinds of treatment. That’s why it’s always best to make an informed decision before hiring any service industry professional. Here are some of the items you might want to ask a pest removal in Sunrise service.

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Pesticides Linger

Most of the pesticides put down by a pest control company will be liquid. You’ll often be told that once those chemicals dry they won’t be a problem for pets, kids, or anyone else that comes in contact with them. While it’s true that the majority of chemical impact is diminished once it has dried, there will still be traces of that chemical found in those spray areas.

Natural Pesticides Are Still Pesticides

There are many pest removal in Sunrise companies that promote a “natural” pest control solution. Usually, these substances will be promoted as made from organic sources such as plants or flowers. However, those raw materials are still put through a process that infuses them with levels of toxicity needed to kill off bugs. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s not poisonous.

Not All Bugs Go Away

“Complete elimination” is a phrase that guarantees your bug problem will be eradicated. Unfortunately, you might never see that phrase in any contract with a pest removal in Sunrise company. That’s because it’s extremely difficult for any bugs to be totally eradicated and might require you to schedule return visits from an exterminator to keep the bugs at bay. Pesticides, no matter what strength, are going to wear down eventually.

Ants Might Not Take the Bait

Ants are a common problem in this area and the most frequent method for getting rid of ants is to lay down traps with specific bait that acts as a poison. The theory is that the ants will eat the bait and then return to the colony to die. Unfortunately, ants are constantly changing their eating habits. The bait an exterminator lays down today might not hold any appeal for those pesky bugs. That’s something you won’t hear from an exterminator.

Not All Exterminators Are Certified

Extermination is a dirty job to be sure and not everyone is cut out for that job. That’s why many extermination companies cut corners when it comes to employee certification. Just because someone shows up at your door proclaiming to be a bug expert doesn’t mean they made it all the way through bug school.

Your Home Can Often Go Untreated

The exterminator is supposed to measure the perimeter of your home before spraying. This will insure they apply the right amount of pesticides based on linear feet. You’re certainly not going to be out there when they do the spraying and some unscrupulous exterminators know this so that’s why they might “under spray” your home. That allows them to spread out those chemicals and save themselves money.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Once you get past all the issues raised in this post, you’ll be asking, “How much does pest control cost?” The answer depends on the level of infestation and the amount of space that needs to be covered. Yes, every job is different, so the best approach would be to get a free evaluation from Guarantee Pest by contacting us by phone or visiting our website. If you suspect you have a bug problem, you don’t want to waste any time getting it fixed with a company that doesn’t cut corners.

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