Florida Spiders

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If you own property in Florida, whether it’s residential or commercial, there’s a chance that you’ll run across a spider or two eventually. There are a number of different spiders that are relatively common in Florida. While some of them are harmless, there are some that are serious pests (and dangerous ones to boot) as well as some that can actually be beneficial to have.

The following are a few of the Florida spiders that you might come across. Being familiar with these Florida spiders will help you determine whether the spider is safe or dangerous. However, we highly recommend that you contact our commercial pest control if you think you have a spider problem, no matter what type you think it is. We will send a professional exterminator your way in order to determine if you have a spider problem and if the spiders present are dangerous.

Types of Florida Spiders

  • Widow Spiders – There are four types of widow spiders common to Florida. These include the northern black widow, the red widow, the southern black widow and the brown widow. The northern black widow and the red widow have hourglass shapes on their backs, while the southern black widow and northern black widow have triangle shapes on their backs. Females tend to be between 8 and 15mm in length, while males are often much smaller. Widow spiders will bite, but usually only when threatened. Symptoms can include intense pain, muscle cramping, vomiting, nausea and more.
  • Brown Recluse Spider – These types of spiders have a very powerful venom and can provide a nasty bite, but they very rarely bite humans – and you’ll only find them in the very northwest of the Florida Panhandle.
  • Golden Silk Spider – This type of spider is often referred to as a banana spider. While they will bite, they are not lethal to humans. They also feed on flying insects, which they catch by weaving extremely large webs.
  • Wolf Spider – These spiders look terrifying due to their size – they reach up to 35 mm in length, making them the biggest spiders in the country.

However, they are not dangerous, even though they will bite out of self-defense if handled. They are typically found on the ground as they don’t weave webs.

Other types of spiders you may find in Florida include crab spiders, jumping spiders, spiny orb weaver spiders, green lynx spiders and long jawed orb weaver spiders.

How You Can Prevent Florida Spider Infestations

  • Seal entrances – Spiders will make their way indoors in search of food, water and shelter. The best way to prevent them from ever getting into your home is by sealing all cracks and holes in your home’s exterior, from the window frames and screens to the exterior itself.
  • Remove hiding places – Spiders will often seek shelter in cluttered areas, so keep your property’s yard cleaned up. During the winter, things like debris, piles of wood, cluttered sheds, piles of garden equipment and the like will all draw spiders.
  • Keep your home clean – Remove any spiders you might see unless you believe that it might be of the venomous variety, in which case you should contact our pest control services. Keep your home swept up and remove spider webs as soon as you spot them to help prevent spider populations from multiplying.


If you think that you might have a spider infestation in your Florida-area home, then be sure to contact us at Guarantee Pest to schedule a home spider inspection today. We will identify whether you have a problem, eliminate the problem and take preventative measures to keep them from coming back again in the future.

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