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Golden Silk Spider and webSpiders are one of the most fear-inducing pests that can be found in the home. Unfortunately, spiders are also extremely common and can be found hiding in crevices in most homes. While several varieties of spiders may bite, most spiders are harmless and helpful to the natural ecosystem when left outside. Of the Florida spiders that do bite, two species may cause serious adverse effects. Since it may be difficult to identify spiders as being harmful or harmless, it is important to contact a pest control service if spiders are infesting a home.


Types of Florida spiders

There are many different species of spiders in Florida, including:

  • Black and yellow garden spiders
  • Grass spiders
  • Long legged sac spiders
  • Ant mimic spiders
  • Banded garden spiders
  • Dark fishing spiders
  • Eastern parson spider
  • Carolina wolf spider
  • House spiders
  • Brown widow spiders
  • Goldenrod crab spiders
  • Spotted orb weavers
  • Zebra Jumper
  • False black widows

florida spidersVenomous Florida Spiders

Of all of the species of Florida spiders, only two are venomous. The black widow and the brown recluse have bites which may be fatal if left untreated. These spiders are not aggressive towards humans however, and will usually only bite when pinned against the skin. This may occur when a spider has crawled into clothing or bedding, or when a person reaches a hand into a place that a spider has chosen to hide.

Preventing Florida Spider Infestations

As with other pests, checking to make sure that there are no areas that can be used to gain easy entrance to the house will help to prevent infestations. Making sure that window and doors are tight fitting and seal when closed will prevent many spiders from coming into the home. Moving outside debris and firewood away from the home will discourage spiders from coming close to the home. Reducing clutter and regularly cleaning the home, particularly in areas that are less traversed such as garages and attics, will make the home a less ideal environment for spiders.

Controlling Spider Infestations

If a Miami area home has become infested with spiders, it may take the help of a professional to eliminate the infestation. A professional will spray the home and yard to eliminate the existing infestation. A professional will also provide advice and assistance for clearing out webs and egg sacks from the home. While doing the home inspection and spray, an exterminator will look for areas where the spiders may be coming into the home and help homeowners to seal these areas. Service may be set up to have professionals spray periodically to prevent recurring spider infestations.

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