Fall Pest Control in Miami

As fall quickly approaches, we relish in the cool, crisp air and longer nights. Unfortunately, small pests like cockroaches, rodents, and spiders do not feel the same. As the weather cools down, these pests begin to seek warmer refuge. What better place to crawl into than our homes and offices? To prepare for the fall weather and subsequent fall pest problems, it’s important for Miami home and business owners to make sure they’re pest-proofing their homes to keep out any unwelcomed guests.

Fall Pest Issues

Smaller pests will often find their way into homes and buildings through small cracks and openings. Therefore, the best pest control methods are often taking precautions to ensure that these openings are sealed so that critters can’t gain entry. There are some do-it-yourself techniques that may be helpful.

Home and business owners may benefit by implementing pest prevention techniques such as:

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  • Using caulk to seal crevices and cracks on the building’s exterior
  • Repairing damaged screens with exterior door sweeps
  • Replacing weather stripping and loose mortar around windows and basement foundation
  • Screening chimney openings and vents
  • Properly disposing of garbage in sealed receptacles
  • Keeping food in airtight containers when not being eaten
  • Eliminating clogged drains, leaking pipes, and other sources of moisture
  • Keeping shrubbery clean and well-trimmed
  • Storing firewood no closer than 20 feet away from buildings


Signs of Infestation

Homeowners and business owners should stay alert of potential signs and symptoms of a pest infestation. For example, check dark areas and corners of the building for spider webs or other signs that pests are nesting. Rodents may leave signs such as feces or gnaw marks on the wires of electrical equipment. If you notice any of these signs, it’s recommended to call a pest control professional to treat the heart of the issue.

Professional Pest Control in Miami

It’s important to note that once these pests make their way into homes and buildings, their populations are known to multiply quickly. For complete reassurance that they won’t turn your home into theirs, consult a professional like the team at Guarantee Floridian Pest Control. A qualified pest control team will assess the entire home for risks and potential entry points. Based on this assessment, each client will receive a customized pest control in Miami  and pest prevention plan to ensure that pests don’t have any unseen opportunities to intrude.

If you’d like to pest-proof your home for the fall, call us today to see how our qualified Miami pest control team can help ensure that your home stays yours!

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