Removing Nuisance Birds

Griffon vulture, gyps fulvusAs winter approaches and the temperatures across the country decrease, many different species of birds find their way to Florida’s trees and lakes. Unfortunately, this means that there are many birds looking for shelter and man-made structures eventually begin to be used for nesting. Birds may inhabit light posts, billboards, and swimming pools or may find their way into attics, air vents, and garages to make nests.

Types of Nuisance Birds

Miami is home to about 149 species of birds, and may become home to many more during the colder months. Most birds that become a nuisance are non-native birds such as pigeons. However, native birds such as hawks, pelicans, and vultures may become displaced from nests and end up making nests in unwanted places. It is important to contact a pest control service to remove nuisance birds, as some species of birds may be protected and require special permits to remove.

Inconveniences of Nuisance Birds

Birds are noisy and messy. This can annoy homeowners that need to sleep at different hours than the birds. Feathers and droppings can also make a mess out of vehicles, driveways, and swimming pools. Birds that become trapped inside after making a nest may become injured and may perish, making it difficult to find and remove the bird and the nest.

Dangers of Nuisance Birds

Nuisance birds may pose a health hazard when droppings fall onto walkway areas or into the home. The nests of birds may become infested with insects such as fleas, ticks, and lice which may endanger pets and residents. Some birds also exhibit aggressive behavior when protecting nests and young, which can lead to injuries. Ducks and other birds that are attracted to water may contaminate pools, ponds, and lakes with feces and bacteria.

Nuisance Bird Prevention

It is best to take preventative measures to stop nuisance birds from nesting. Spikes can be placed into flower pots to discourage birds from nesting. Netting and wires can be placed over opening to attics, garages, and other areas to prevent birds from getting in and becoming trapped. Noise devices may also be used to divert birds away from the area. A professional pest control service may be able to assist with these needs.

Nuisance Bird RemovalWet pelican in ZOO

Birds that have nested in or around homes are removed and released as often as possible by Guarantee Floridian Pest Control. If bird nests are “active”, meaning that eggs or live young are present, bird nest removal may be delayed to avoid harming the young. If birds continue to come into the area, a device that emits small, non-lethal electric shocks may be used to deflect the birds. If absolutely necessary, baits may be used to eliminate infestations. After nuisance birds have been removed, preventative measures are put in place to avoid future infestations.

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