Types of Florida Scorpions

Florida is home to three main species of scorpions, the Florida Bark Scorpion, the Hentz Striped Scorpion, and the Guiana Striped Scorpion. These scorpions like to hide under boards, in debris, and in other places in homes and yards where food and shelter can be found. Florida scorpions live from three to five years. Scorpions may be capable of reproducing up to several times a year, so an infestation may become severe and long-lasting. It is recommended that professional pest services be sought if a scorpion infestation is suspected in the home.

Florida Scorpions Sting

None of the three Florida scorpion species are capable of producing a fatal sting. While the sting may not be lethal, it is painful and may cause swelling and allergic reactions. Florida scorpions are not aggressive, but may sting when pinned against the skin as when the scorpions become trapped in clothing or sheets.

Florida Bark Scorpion

Also called the slender brown scorpion, the Florida bark scorpion is the largest of the Florida scorpions. These scorpions can grow up to four inches long and have a brown body, light colored legs, and yellow dashes on the back. Bark scorpions are nocturnal and are typically found under boards, especially in newly constructed or abandoned homes. The sting is extremely painful, although not as venomous as bark scorpions that are native to Central and South America. These scorpions are found in the more tropical areas of Florida and feed mainly on termites, spiders, and other small insects.

Hentz Striped Scorpio

The most common scorpion found in Florida is the hentz striped scorpion, which can be found in nearly all parts of Florida. These scorpions are typically about 2-3 inches in length and are dark brown to tan. These scorpions can be further identified by their dark brown to tan color and the presence of greenish-yellow stripes on the midsection. The abdomen is slender and there is a tooth behind the venom bulb. These scorpions are most commonly found beneath stones and other debris on the ground. Hentz striped scorpions eat cockroaches.

Guiana Striped Scorpion

Guiana striped scorpions can range from one to three inches in length. They are identifiable by their primarily yellow body, although patterning and coloration may vary. These scorpions are the least common type that can be found in Florida and are generally only seen around Miami-Dade, Collier, and Monroe counties in Florida. These scorpions seek available shelter under stones, under bark, or in vegetation. When Guiana scorpions sting humans, the effects last from one to five hours.

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