Eliminating Flea Infestations

fleaFlea infestations can be annoying to home residents and pets, and can even pose health risks. Fleas can cause dermatitis to develop in both pets and people, making the skin itchy, flaky, and painful. If not eliminated quickly enough, flea infestations can also cause pets and people to develop anemia from the blood loss. To avoid these complications, home residents should take steps to eliminating flea infestations as soon as they are noticed.

Treat All Pets

Fleas can hide and feed on animals, laying eggs and reinfesting the home continually if pets are not treated. Even indoor animals may become hosts to fleas if fleas travel indoors from outside. If pets reside in the home, the very first step in flea infestation elimination should be to treat all pets using topical or oral flea treatment solutions. Combing pets with a flea comb and bathing animals may also be helpful in eliminating the infestation. If possible, pets should be kept indoors for about 30 days following flea treatment to help prevent reinfestation.

Clean the Home

dog with fleaFleas often lay eggs in areas of the home that are not as highly trafficked, so it is important to clean out closets, attics, garages, and other areas that are not used as often when trying to eliminate a flea infestation. Vacuuming carpets, rugs, and even furniture and bedding will help to rid the home of flea eggs and will eliminate some adult fleas. All pet bedding and bed linens should be washed. It may be helpful to wrap furniture and beds with plastic to prevent fleas from hiding in cushions and folds.

Natural Flea Control

While the effectiveness of natural flea control measures is controversial, some home residents swear by using natural products such as table salt to eliminate fleas. The salt is used to help control fleas by sprinkling it onto the carpet and then vacuuming it up later. The particles are said to cut into a flea’s exoskeleton and kill it. Other naturalists swear by using a citrus and water mixture, apple cider vinegar, or lavender essential oil to eliminate fleas from homes.

Professional Flea Control

In order to guarantee that flea control will be successful, it may be best to enlist the help of professional pest exterminators. Professionals understand the fastest and most effective methods for ridding homes of flea infestations permanently. Pest professionals will also use the greenest and safest treatment methods available. It is important that home residents do not attempt to eliminate flea infestations using over-the-counter treatments, as these treatments may be poisonous. Consulting pest professionals will help to keep families safe while eliminating fleas from the home.

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