What Are Carpet Beetles

carpet beetlesCarpet beetles are rather common pests that don’t seem to get much attention in today’s pest control landscape. As indicated by the name, these bugs are most commonly found lurking in fibers like carpeting of a home or building. They cause the most damage during their larval stages, so homeowners need not fret a few adult bugs. However, they can be a nuisance to get rid of once a problem is present.

What Are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles belong to the beetle family called dermestids. They’re commonly found in locations like homes, warehouses, museums, and other places that provide them with adequate amounts of food. However, they don’t have a typical cuisine in comparison to most other pests. Carpet beetles spend their days munching on materials like carpets, fabrics, furs, stored food, and even preserved specimens like those found in museums.

The three most common types include:

  • Varied carpet beetles, which are black with an irregular brown, yellow, and white pattern that fades as they grow into adults; roughly one-tenth of an inch long
  • Furniture carpet beetles, which are larger and rounder than varied carpet beetles with a slightly patchy and spotty appearance; may appear black if pattern wears off
  • Black carpet beetles, which are distinctly different from the others with a shiny black appearance; roughly one-eighth to three-sixteenths of an inch long

Carpet Beetles Life Stages

It’s important to note that adult carpet beetles aren’t so much of a concern when it comes to damage to homes and buildings. The true damage from these pests is mostly from the larva, which is the life stage just after they hatch from their eggs and before they grow into the familiar six-legged beetle form. The larva hatch from their eggs in roughly two weeks after being laid into nourishing areas like carpeting. Once they hatch, it’s feeding time. This is when the brunt of the home damage will occur.

Managing Carpet Beetles

Managing a carpet beetle infestation can be tricky, as these insects are resourceful and tend to find food nearly anywhere they go. Once they settle in, they can rapidly disperse across the building they’re inhabiting. This can make them tricky to track and eliminate. In the case of a few adult carpet beetles found in a home or building, owners shouldn’t fret. The true cause for concern is the presence of eggs and larva, as they will feed on fabrics and be the ones who cause damage to your belongings.

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