5 Myths About Pest Control: BUSTED!

The minute you see a bug in your home you spring into action. The first step is an attempt to squash that bug with a swatter, rolled up newspaper, or can of bug spray. If you miss the target, there’s no telling when that pest might return. All you can do then is just wait. Unless of course you bring in a professional pest control Sunrise company, Guarantee Pest.

On the other hand, maybe you think you can handle your bug problem. Before you take on the DIY pest control, you might want to learn the truth about some common pest control myths.

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Myth #1: Mice Always Go For the Cheese

That’s probably a myth that got started with cartoons. Anytime you see a cute mouse, there’s always a hunk of cheese nearby, right? The truth is that a mouse prefers something with a bigger burst of sugar which is why peanut butter is the preferred choice for trapping rodents. Also, dried fruit or cereal can lure them in, too.

Myth #2: Hot Water Can Do Away With Ants

While it’s true that hot water will take out the ants on the surface, it will have zero impact where it counts which would be in the ant colony that would be further below the surface of the concrete or dirt. By the time the hot water seeps in there, it will have cooled off and it will be just like a rain shower to those ants. The experienced teams from pest control Sunrise will know how to track the ants back to their colony and destroy them at the source.

Myth #3: You Won’t Get Bed Bugs If You Keep Your Bedroom Clean

When it comes to dirt, bed bugs don’t really care. They’re not looking for dust bunnies to dine on. They’re looking for your blood. As nasty as that might seem, the bed bugs can attack you whether you’ve just cleaned the bedroom or not. Chances are that your bed bug infestation was brought into your home while you visited a place with bed bugs. It only takes a few to start a swarm.

The first real sign of a bed bug infestation will be you waking up with tiny welts. That’s when you’ll want to call in pest control Sunrise for sure. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about combating bed bugs.

Myth #4: A Concrete Foundation Means No Termites

Sorry, but that doesn’t hold up. Even a brick house will have wood frame elements. It just takes a tiny crack for wood borrowing pests to make their way inside your home. Once inside, they will lay eggs and create even more pests to contend with.

Myth #5: You Can Keep Pests Away With Ultrasonic Waves

If this were true, then every professional pest control company would instantly be put out of business. After all, who wouldn’t want to just flip a switch and have all the pests gone for good? The truth is that there’s no evidence to support any claim that an electronic device that emits ultrasonic waves will do anything for your pest problem.

What Pesticides Do Professionals Use?

Bringing in an experienced pest control Sunrise company might have you inquiring as to what pesticides do professionals use? The answer to that depends on the situation and level of infestation. At Guarantee Floridian Pest Control, we have a wide range of solutions for any type of pest problem. Contact us today to set up your free inspection. Don’t let the bugs take over!

Four Reasons You Need to Invest in Professional Pest Control

If you’re researching pest services in Palm Beach, then clearly you have concerns about a pest problem in your home. This could mean you actually spotted something crawling through your kitchen or you found some disturbing telltale signs of a possible infestation. Those factors alone might be enough to call in a professional pest control company like Guarantee Pest, but there are some other reasons to consider as well.

Pest Control Worker Spraying Pesticides On Wooden Drawer

Reason #1: We Provide a Customized Approach to Your Problem

The first thing pest services in Palm Beach will do will be to conduct a thorough inspection of your home. You might have noticed one particular bug but in fact, you could be dealing with several insect issues. Because of our experience in handling these matters, as a professional exterminator, we will also factor in the size of your property, how widespread the bug problem might be, and what the long-term solutions are. Add it all up and you’ll be presented with a customized approach to your bug problem that will provide you with the treatment you need.

Reason #2: The Huge Cost if You Don’t Act

Too often, a bug problem can’t just be handled with a single spray. Chances are without protection, those pests will come back. That’s why you apply a monthly flea guard to your cat or dog. Pest services in Palm Beach might set up an ongoing plan that involves visits every couple of months. The alternative would be not taking care of your infestation the right way and having to face major structural damage. Termites alone cause billions of dollars in damage to homeowners each year. Do you want to add to those statistics?

Reason #3: We Know the Hazards

There are many over-the-counter type of pesticides you can pick up from your local hardware store. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be using those potentially harmful chemicals the right way. Plus, just because something is sold in a store doesn’t make it 100% safe. You still might not know what pesticides do to your body.

On the other hand, professional pest services in Palm Beach can provide “green” alternatives that aren’t available on the market. These treatments are extremely effective and won’t harm pets or children. Isn’t it better to work with someone who uses these materials every day?

Reason #4: Not Putting Yourself at Risk

Aside from the potential risk of causing harm with store bought pesticides, there are also risks associated with tackling major infestations on your own. For instance, if you try to knock down a wasp nest, those insects can turn on you in a flash. A rodent might be carrying all kinds of harmful bacteria so they have to be disposed of in a responsible manner. There are also risks to your home’s foundation and frame that you might not be aware of, but a technician from pest services in Palm Beach could spot it right away. This is why you want to bring in the professionals at Guarantee Pest.

At Guarantee Floridian Pest, we’ve been helping Floridians with their bug and rodent problems for over sixty years. We’ve dealt with all kinds of problems in all kinds of homes and also stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest developments in pest eradications. Best of all, we offer free inspections for your home. Visit our website today to set up your inspection appointment. It might be the most important call you make all year!

What You Need to Know About Rodents

Pest control from Guarantee Pest can come in many forms depending on what pest you might be dealing with. Beyond the issue of exterminating cockroaches and other bugs, there’s the concern of how to get rid of rats. This is not a situation you want to ever be faced with, but it’s one that is all too common in the winter. Before deciding on a course of action, it will help to understand what exactly you’re up against. Here’s what you need to know about rodents:

Rodents Are Fast Breeders

The first thing you need to know in regard to how to get rid of rats is that they are fast breeders. A single female mouse can have fifteen litters every twelve months and each of those litters can create up to twelve mice. That means that left unchecked for even two months you could have twenty-four mice scurrying around your home. That’s a lot of mice to deal with!

how to get rid of rats

Mousetraps Can Do the Trick

The most common answer to the question of “How to get rid of rats?” is traps. These devices have been proven to work and aren’t that costly. The trick is making sure you give them the right bait. A piece of cheese will certainly pull them in, but they can easily snatch it before the trap springs. That’s why peanut butter is a better bait option. It takes more effort to eat it!

There are also glue traps and humane traps that can snag the rodents. With all of these options, you’ll still be in charge of the disposal. If you’re not up to the task, then you’ll want to hire professional exterminators at Guarantee Pest to get rid of the pests that plague your home.

Rodents Can Squeeze into Tiny Holes

You don’t need a big gap in your home exterior for a mouse or rat to slip into. They can squeeze into the tiniest of holes and cracks, even in cracks as small as a dime! Once they find that entry point, they might even gnaw through it to open it up for more rodents to flow into. This is why any type of hole should be closed up as soon as it’s spotted.

The Difference Between a Rat and a Mouse

Although they are both a problem to deal with, there’s a difference between rats and mice. The typical mouse will grow to be up to twenty cm long and can weigh around thirty grams. The average mouse kept as a pet can live up to six years. They are also nocturnal and somewhat timid.

Rats can grow to be up to forty cm long. They are also nocturnal but not as timid as a mouse. The fur of the rat is longer and that means it can pick up more dirt and grease to be left behind wherever they go.

Call in the Pros

If you’re wondering how to get rid of rats, then you should leave that task to the professionals at Guarantee Floridian Pest Control. In the many years we’ve been in operation, our experienced exterminators have removed literally thousands of rodents from homes and businesses all around Florida. We know the signs to look for that would indicate a possible rat infestation versus just a minor rodent problem.

To find out how Guarantee Floridian Pest Control can help with your situation, contact us to set up a free inspection. You don’t want to let your rodent problems get out of hand!

3 Myths About Pest Control: BUSTED!

There are so many spurious half-truths flying around out there about pest control that it can make it next to impossible to separate the facts from the fictions. We want to do the best we can to clarify matters for the good people of Sunrise so that they may make informed decisions about their pest control needs. With that in mind, we have set about busting some of the biggest myths about pest control wide open. Here are our picks:

#1: It’s a DIY job

Okay, Bob the Builder, put down the bug spray! Everyone likes to think that they can fix it, but there are some things you need to leave to the professionals, and pest control definitely comes under that banner. A well-trained pest control professional will know exactly what to look for and where to check to establish the precise kind of pest or pests that have invaded your home – and even if you think you know this already, you should know that it’s entirely possible that there are more than you are aware of. Different kinds of pests require different methods of treatment, too, and you need an experienced professional to decide which is appropriate in what contexts.

Another reason why you don’t want to undertake the job of getting rid of pests by yourself is because often, the results never last! Soon enough, you’ll find yourself on your way back to the hardware store to get more pest control solutions. So leave the job to the professionals who can eradicate pests from your home and do it in a safe manner.

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#2: Doesn’t pest control use dangerous chemicals?

Do pest control companies use dangerous chemicals? Some pest control solutions do require the use of chemicals to solve, but the real question should be, “dangerous to whom?” since, after all, we would not get very far with them if the chemicals were harmless to the pests we aim to eradicate. The important thing is to deploy them in such a way that they will not be dangerous to you, your family, or your pets. This is another reason that pest control should never be undertaken by amateurs.

#3: It will cost a fortune!

At Guarantee, we offer very reasonable rates on all our pest control services. The precise figure will, of course, depend on the nature of your problem, but one thing is certain: the longer you leave it, the greater the cost to fix it. This is generally true of all home maintenance tasks, though none more so than pest control, where your home could be in the process of being literally destroyed underneath your feet. The best way to keep the cost of pest control down is to invest in prevention, rather than a cure.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a pest problem in your home, you should contact a professional exterminator in order to get rid of those pests safely and effectively. Check out our special offers to see what you can save when you receive pest control services from Guarantee Pest.

5 Ways to Safely Remove Pests

A simple fact of life is that sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with pests. If you’re lucky, then it will only be a minor inconvenience like the occasional housefly or mosquito. However, if you see one bug, then chances are there will be more on the way. One roach usually means there is a family of roaches waiting to hatch. One ant means the rest of the nest isn’t far away. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to safely remove pests.

A good option is always to call in a professional Pest Removal Sunrise company such as Guarantee Pest. They will be in the best position to eradicate a major pest infestation. Short of that, there are other measures you can take to safely remove pests.

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#1. Clean Up

The only reasons pests show up in your home is because they are looking for food. What tiny morsels are you leaving out for them? You might think you have a clean kitchen, but you would be surprised as to what a pest could be attracted to.

For instance, you should keep ingredients like flour and sugar sealed in plastic containers. Your kitchen garbage shouldn’t be left to fester inside. The best course of action is to empty the trash every night and make sure it’s tucked around in bins with firmly closed lids.

Additionally, you shouldn’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or other plates around the house. Cat and dog food shouldn’t be left out, and finally, don’t have stacks of magazines or newspapers piled up in your garage, basement, or attics. Those bugs love to burrow in and make those items a cozy nest.

#2. Keep Things Dry

There are two pests who love wet things which would be mosquitoes and cockroaches. Even a sink full of water can attract those pests. You should also be on the lookout for any leaky pipes or drips throughout your entire home. Outside the home, make sure there aren’t any long-standing puddles of water.

#3. Patch the Cracks and Holes

Before calling in Pest Removal Sunrise, you should go through your home and look for any possible entry points. These could be cracks in your foundation, holes in the rafters, or open spaces around plumbing fixtures. All of those hot zones should be patched up or plugged up in order to prevent entry from the pests.

#4. Use Spices for Ants

Coffee grinds, garlic, chili pepper, paprika, and cloves. That isn’t a recipe for a steak rub. Instead, those are natural deterrents for ants. Sprinkling one of those spices around a door jam might keep the ants away. You can also try lemon juice. If the spices don’t work, then it’s time to call in Pest Removal Sunrise.

#5. Use Essential Oils for Bed Bugs

If you find signs of a bed bug infestation, then you’ll want to clean the bedding right away using hot water and the hottest temperature for drying. Vacuum the area and every nook and cranny. Make sure to dump the vacuum cleaner bag outside in a garbage bin. Once you’ve done a good cleaning, try placing essential oils of cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, thyme, or tea tree around the infected areas of your bed.

As with the ants, sometimes the natural approach isn’t effective. Pest Removal Sunrise will know what pesticides kill bed bugs safely and quickly. A company like Guarantee Floridian Pest Control will be able to identify the pest problem and offer solutions. Visit our website to see what kind of pest control services we offer for.

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