Are Termites Terminating Your Home?

The morning sets the ocean ablaze with golden light and the slender palm trees silhouette against the rose-colored dawn. Surfers head beach ward in search of the perfect wave, and the old folks sit and watch the day break from the porch. It’s an idyll, but one that is haunted by the spectre of destruction. A silent invader lurks beneath this picture perfect scene, hiding in the shadows, gnawing at its foundations, growing ever greater in strength and number while establishing colonies in the very heart of the place we think we are safest: our homes.

No one is ever truly secure from the threat of termites, not without regular pest removal services. The truth is that pest removal is the only way to protect your home from a pest infestation. Termites could be burrowing into the frame of your house at this moment but you have no way of knowing for sure unless you have consulted with your local pest removal specialist. Another way to help combat against termites is learning exactly what kinds there are and how to deal with them.

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How to Know

That said, there are some potential warning signs that you should take note of. For instance, if you find your basement littered with insect wings, your first call should be to a pest removal service. These are evidence that a mating swarm has happened, meaning the colony present in your home has already grown exponentially larger.

You should also call pest removal if you find hollowed out wood around your house or garden. If you knock against a wooden part of the structure and it sounds hollow, you need pest removal services immediately. You will need a complete pest removal treatment and may need to replace the affected parts of the structure.

Mud tunnels are another sure sign. These are about the width of a pencil and are found along interior or exterior walls. Termites use them to get from their nest to the vulnerable wooden parts of your home that they will consume, potentially costing you thousands if left untreated, or affecting the structural soundness of your house.

Want to know how to get rid of termites in Florida? Contact the professionals at Guarantee Pest Control. We will eradicate the current infestation and show you how to guard against re-infestation going forward. Call us today to get $25 off your termite treatment.

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