7 Surprising Stats About Pests

Pest control services in Broward Country are something we all need from time to time. But what do we know about the pests they control for us? Here are some facts and statistics that may surprise you about the nasty little pests we eradicate and the services we supply in order to keep the homes of Broward County free of them. With pest control services in Broward Country, it’s’ become so much easier to eradicate pests no matter the time of year.


Let’s start with a few stats about cockroaches!

#1: According to the fossil record, the modern cockroach first appeared on earth during the early Cretaceous period. That’s about 145 million years ago. The earliest humans, by contrast, evolved only 400,000 years ago.

#2: Cockroaches have been known survive decapitation. They are also predicted to survive humanity in the event of a nuclear war. Take our word for it as pest service professionals – they’re hard to get rid of!

#3: Some people keep Giant Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches as pets. You would need a licence to do so in Broward County, or anywhere else in Florida. We suggest you consider goldfish instead!

#4: Did you know that cockroaches are as disgusted by us as we are by them? If a cockroach touches a human, it will clean itself obsessively.

Here a couple of things you may not have known about rats:

#5: Working with the a pest control service in Broward County, you inevitably encounter a few rats, and we’ve seen them do some amazing stuff, like squeeze themselves through a gap of less than 25mm. They can also swim over a mile at sea, and survive for two days in open water.

#6: Rats have been blamed for the spread of the bubonic plague across Europe in the 14th Century, the deadliest outbreak of disease in human history. Recent research by the University of Oslo has suggested, however, that gerbils from Asia may have been responsible. Innocent or guilty, if you see a rat in your home, call the best pest control company in Florida – Guarantee!

Here is one final factoid that will make you love termites even less…

#7: Termites practice proctodeal trophallaxis. What’s that, you ask? That means that they eat each other’s excrement. If that hasn’t got you reaching for the phone to dial pest services, I don’t know what will!

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