5 Ways to Keep Rodents at Bay

RodentAs the weather cools, even in a warm climate like Miami, critters such as mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels try to find a warm place to sleep and a consistent food supply. Your house seems like a promising option to the discerning rodent. Here are five simple ways to keep them at bay during the cooler months.


  1. Check all entry points. Mice are small, and can wriggle through even the tiniest of cracks. Walk around your house and look for places that rodents might be entering. This includes cracks in the foundation, small holes around windows and doors, drainpipes, and places where utility pipes and wires come in to the house.
  2. Plug it up. Seal all of these cracks and openings with a material that the mice can’t chew through. One good candidate is steel wool. You can also use mesh, quick-drying cement, or expanding foam insulation. Don’t use caulk or other rubber or plastic fillers – the mice will make short work of it.
  3. Trim it back. Trim your plants and hedges out at least 18 inches away from the foundation. Shrubbery close to the house provides a perfect hiding place for small animals and encourages them to look for places to enter the home. Clean up. Every crumb and scrap is an invitation to rodents. Clean up any food crumbs in the house that would attract rodents. This includes toaster crumbs, spilled birdseed in the garage, pet food left in the dish overnight, etc. Store all food items in sealed plastic or glass containers. Mice are experts at chewing through food packaging, so make sure all food is securely stored.
  4. Scare them off. There are several natural repellants that will drive rodents away. Peppermint oil is so intense that rodents will not go near it. It can also help mask the smell of any food that might attract the rodents.
  5. Place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil at entry points around the house. You can also grow peppermint plants in containers around the outside of your house. Not only will it keep mice away, it will provide fresh peppermint for recipes!

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