Is a House Mouse Destroying Your Home’s Foundation? 5 Signs of an Infestation

As cute as mice are, they can be real pests. It’s not just because they multiply rather quickly and will leave droppings all over your Miami area home. Unfortunately, mice can cause much more trouble than that.

In fact, a house mouse infestation can be quite dangerous, since there are a few types of mice, such as the deer mouse, which spread diseases like listeria and salmonellosis through their droppings, urine, and saliva. And not only are they a risk to the health of you and your family, but they can damage your home as well.

A house mouse can chew through pretty much any kind of material, including drywall, wood, soft concrete, insulation, rubber, aluminum, and gas lines. Their ability to chew through these materials can lead to all sorts of damage, from electrical wire-related fires to foundation damage. That’s right, many types of mice can actually cause severe damage to your home’s foundation.

The following are a few ways to find out if mice might be causing damage to your foundation:

mice destroying foundation

1) Listen for All Types of Mice

If you can hear scuttling sounds near your home’s floorboards, there’s a good chance mice have already found their way in and are targeting your foundation.

2) Look for Mouse Droppings

Mouse droppings are easy to identify. They tend to be small, rod-shaped, and pointed at both ends.

If you spot mouse droppings anywhere in your home, there is a greater risk that mice will make their way into your foundation, if they haven’t already. If you find them near your foundation, they may already be in the process causing damage.

3) Look for Physical Damage in the Foundation

If you see cracks or holes in your home’s foundation, the damage has already been done. If you suspect that this damage was caused by hungry mice, there are a couple of ways to identify the culprits for sure:

  • Look for urine stains by shining ultraviolet light across the area where the cracks and holes have appeared.
  • Spread flour or talcum powder onto the floor surrounding the foundation damage. If mice are in the area, they will leave tracks in the powder leading to the foundation damage.

4) Look for Drafts

Inspect the foundation for any changes in temperature within your home. This works best if there is a drastic change in temperature from inside the house to outside. For example, it’s much easier to identify cold drafts in the winter at night when your heat is on.

If you find any drafts near the foundation, shine a light at the foundation to see if it comes out the other side — if it does, mice are probably getting in through these entry points. Remember, a house mouse doesn’t need much space to operate.

5) Look for House Mouse Nests

If you have anything stored up against your home’s foundation, whether inside or outside the home, inspect these areas for nests. Firewood stacked up near the foundation, trash cans, and storage boxes are all excellent nesting areas for mice.

Foundation repairs can be costly. If you think you have a house mouse problem, you should schedule a consultation with a pest control specialist immediately at Guarantee Pest. An exterminator will be able to pinpoint the source of your mouse problem, determine whether they have damaged your foundation, and help to eliminate the mice infestation.

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