5 Myths About Pest Control: BUSTED!

The minute you see a bug in your home you spring into action. The first step is an attempt to squash that bug with a swatter, rolled up newspaper, or can of bug spray. If you miss the target, there’s no telling when that pest might return. All you can do then is just wait. Unless of course you bring in a professional pest control Sunrise company, Guarantee Pest.

On the other hand, maybe you think you can handle your bug problem. Before you take on the DIY pest control, you might want to learn the truth about some common pest control myths.

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Myth #1: Mice Always Go For the Cheese

That’s probably a myth that got started with cartoons. Anytime you see a cute mouse, there’s always a hunk of cheese nearby, right? The truth is that a mouse prefers something with a bigger burst of sugar which is why peanut butter is the preferred choice for trapping rodents. Also, dried fruit or cereal can lure them in, too.

Myth #2: Hot Water Can Do Away With Ants

While it’s true that hot water will take out the ants on the surface, it will have zero impact where it counts which would be in the ant colony that would be further below the surface of the concrete or dirt. By the time the hot water seeps in there, it will have cooled off and it will be just like a rain shower to those ants. The experienced teams from pest control Sunrise will know how to track the ants back to their colony and destroy them at the source.

Myth #3: You Won’t Get Bed Bugs If You Keep Your Bedroom Clean

When it comes to dirt, bed bugs don’t really care. They’re not looking for dust bunnies to dine on. They’re looking for your blood. As nasty as that might seem, the bed bugs can attack you whether you’ve just cleaned the bedroom or not. Chances are that your bed bug infestation was brought into your home while you visited a place with bed bugs. It only takes a few to start a swarm.

The first real sign of a bed bug infestation will be you waking up with tiny welts. That’s when you’ll want to call in pest control Sunrise for sure. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about combating bed bugs.

Myth #4: A Concrete Foundation Means No Termites

Sorry, but that doesn’t hold up. Even a brick house will have wood frame elements. It just takes a tiny crack for wood borrowing pests to make their way inside your home. Once inside, they will lay eggs and create even more pests to contend with.

Myth #5: You Can Keep Pests Away With Ultrasonic Waves

If this were true, then every professional pest control company would instantly be put out of business. After all, who wouldn’t want to just flip a switch and have all the pests gone for good? The truth is that there’s no evidence to support any claim that an electronic device that emits ultrasonic waves will do anything for your pest problem.

What Pesticides Do Professionals Use?

Bringing in an experienced pest control Sunrise company might have you inquiring as to what pesticides do professionals use? The answer to that depends on the situation and level of infestation. At Guarantee Floridian Pest Control, we have a wide range of solutions for any type of pest problem. Contact us today to set up your free inspection. Don’t let the bugs take over!

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