3 Reasons Exterminating Pests Isn’t as Easy as You Thought

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Knowing the truth about pest control is extremely important.

Many people think that pest control and extermination is as easy as spending your Saturday morning spraying around the perimeter of your home with pesticide you bought at your local store. However, you may soon find that your quick fix didn’t fix anything, and your home is still infested with unwanted guests. Here are 3 reasons why taking care of the pest control problems isn’t as easy as you thought.

Your perimeter spray didn’t cover it all

Sure you stepped around your house and made sure to get all the corners, but getting the corners is really just the beginning. Pest control needs to be a more robust protective barrier.
Exterminators in Broward County will spray around your property with microencapsulated products that are long lasting, and will provide you with the protective barrier that you need. Not only does it protect against pests at the surface of your lawn and home, but it also provides a barrier that is 3 feet up the foundation, 3 feet out, and is administered every other month for continued protection!

Overlooking easy access points

While the perimeter of your property should get a decent amount of attention, it’s also important to remember all the easy access points around your house. Not only can pests and furry friends make their homes in drains and pipes, but they can also make their way into your home through those drains as well as vents, windows, and doors. Professionals will make sure that all the access points to your house are fully protected and become inaccessible to all types of pests.

When the indoors become the outdoors

Chances are, if you spot a creepy crawly in your bathroom or bedroom, it’s not flying solo. Even one pest is a pest control problem, and should be handled immediately and by a professional. Sweeping away that lone ant or swatting that single spider may seem like a quick and easy fix, but long term results require professionals to scout out the nests or families of pests that may be hiding in the nether regions of your home.
So instead of squashing each earwig or other pest one at a time, save yourself some energy and protect your home by trusting a professional service. Get a free evaluation of your home today to ensure that you’re fully protected against pests this summer!

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